Full Truck Load Rates

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Lowest Rates For Full Truck Load Freight

Regardless of your shipping needs, we #fightunfairfreight by providing prompt and budget friendly solutions for your full truckload shipment. Our mission is finding you tailored solutions at the lowest possible & fair prices. Our specialists will accommodate your specific needs with the best flatbed, refrigerated, or rail logistics carriers.

Our relationships span the country, giving us the capacity to cover all your full truckload needs. But we take our service and your job seriously. We believe your shipping arrangement specialist needs to be your partner and member of your team. That’s why our customers trust us to repeatedly deliver the best, most transparent, fair prices and first class service.

Your Truckload Options

We offer full truckload solutions that include flatbed and refrigerated options. We only arrange logistics with A rated carriers.
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Flatbed trailers are ideal for different loading requirements such as loading from the side. They are also great for shipping heavy equipment such as construction machinery.
Freight Shipping - Partial truckload freight


If your freight needs to be kept cool through its journey, we can find you refrigerated truck options.
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Dry Van

If you don’t need to keep your shipment cool, we can arrange a dry van.
Freight Shipping - Intermodal freight shipping


We also offer the best rail logistics solutions.

The Benefits Of Working With MFT

LTL vs Full Truckload Shipping

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping is for shipments that won’t fill an entire trailer. When shipments are under 15,000 pounds and loading/delivery times are flexible, LTL shipping is appropriate.

Full truckload shipping is typically faster than LTL. That’s because LTL shipments usually make several stops before reaching your drop-off. If you choose LTL, you’ll be sharing cargo space with other companies, saving you and them money.

Full truckloads only carry your shipment and are shipped directly to your drop-off point. This makes them ideal for large or time-sensitive shipments.

How Much Can A Full Truck Carry?

A truck and trailer are typically equipped to haul 42,000 to 44,000 pounds. A dry van can usually haul up to 45,000 pounds.

Different carriers offer different weight capacities based on the trucks they use.

What Dimensions Can A Full Truck Accommodate?

A full truckload can typically accommodate up to 30 standard pallets. One standard pallet is 40” by 48”. Each pallet’s deck board is 3 ½” wide and 5/16” thick.

Secure, Tracked Shipments

We only provide safe, tracked shipment options from vetted carriers. We take all the steps necessary to make the process as smooth as possible. Things happen, it’s inevitable. Our team has years of experience of taking the lead and solving logistics challenges ensuring cargo of all types are delivered, period.