Intermodal And Rail Logistics

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Our Rail Logistics Services

After discussing your shipping needs and delivery schedule, your MFT’s Freight Arrangement Specialist can help decide if rail is the best route to go.

Why use Rail for shipping needs?

If you need to send large shipments to a single location, rail logistics can save you time and money. The typical dry van truck can only carry up to 45,000 pounds. Then you have to consider the additional cost caused by requiring more fuel. 

If your shipping needs include more bulk, especially over a long distance, rail transportation can save you money. If you need to ship over 100,000 pounds at once, rail shipping might be the best option for you.

Low Cost

Rail logistics solutions take longer than truck freight in many cases, but at a lower cost. Rail carriers don’t have the same fuel costs that truck carriers do, especially over long distances. Railcars simply offer a lower price on a per-mile basis.


Long-term investments and innovations in rail transportation have made it a safer option for freight shipping. There is less human involvement in rail transportation. There is also a complete lack of highway congestion and a much lower chance of an accident.


Modern railroad systems use IoT and artificial intelligence. Rail transport remains on the cutting edge of technological advancement and efficiency.

More Eco-Friendly

Railcars are less harmful to the environment than on-road transportation. Carbon emissions are lower, while railcars can still carry heavier shipments.


Truck carriers have been improving their technology for monitoring shipments, but rail carriers are still far ahead. Railcars have all their movements tracked and published for all parties involved in the shipment to see.

How Does Rail Transportation Work?

Direct Railcar Transportation

Some businesses that rely on rail transportation have tracks built into their facilities. If your business already has railroad tracks, you’re one step ahead already. You can skip having your cargo unloaded from trucks and loaded onto railcars. Our job is to find the best rail carrier for you.

Intermodal Transportation

Rail transport only works with steel tracks laid by a railroad. So, if your business doesn’t have immediate access to a railroad, you’ll need an intermodal container to transport your shipment to your rail carrier. Then, a railcar will transport your shipment for most of the journey. This intermediary transloading takes more time and requires more labor. So, it costs more money than direct transportation. Rest assured, our team will arrange the most cost effective scenario and provide you options.

But don’t worry if you don’t have railroad access from your facility! Most businesses don’t, and it can be very affordable to have trucks ship your cargo to a nearby rail transportation facility. For longer journeys, you can save money by choosing rail logistics, even with transloading costs included.

Fair Rail Transport Rates

MFT works with rail carriers across the country to ensure our customers get the most competitive rates for their rail freight. Regardless of your specific rail transportation needs, we can find you the best rates.

Rail freight rates are typically lower than truck rates. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important to fight for the best rates possible. We consistently provide the best rates for our customers so they can focus on managing their business.

Specific Shipping Needs

Rail carriers can offer specific services to accommodate your logistics needs. We can help you find the best deals for safe:

  • Refrigerated railcars
  • Dry goods railcars
  • Hazardous material railcars

We’ll do all the work accommodating your extra logistics needs. We only work with A-rated, vetted carriers. You can rest assured your shipping needs are being taken care of by professionals with your best interest at heart.

We Are Ready To Help

We’re always ready to help new clients with their freight, shipping, and logistical needs. Our specialists deliver efficiency, transparency, integrity, and peace of mind. If rail is what you need, we’ll get your products on track and to there destination.